Sara Hamilton and David

Jazz vocalists, musicians and songwriters Sara Hamilton and David have spent more than 35 years together, performing at festivals and clubs across Canada, composing music solo and collaboratively, releasing two CD's and publishing a music instruction book.

The talented duo, who also happen to be husband and wife, have performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in Canadian jazz, including Don Thompson, Terry Clarke, Mike Murley and Guido Basso.

Living and Working in Kingston

Sara and David have found their dream home and are now teaching at St. Lawrence College and Renaissance School of Music, and performing in one of their favourite places in Canada - Kingston, Ontario. The vibrant artistic community includes many fine musicians, including Jonathan "Bunny" Stewart (sax), Zak Colbert (bass) and Rob Radford (drums), seen here performing with Sara and David at Monte's Jazz Lounge in downtown Kingston.

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